Meet the Artist: Clare Lynch

“This is a great holiday show because this is the time of year when we’re all reuniting with family we haven’t seen in a long time, possibly since the last holiday season. And at least some awkwardness is inevitable. It can be cathartic to watch that exact scenario play out onstage, with humor and a touch of heartbreak thrown in.”

Meet the Artist: Mary Cochran

“If I had to choose a favorite line, I think it would be when Norma laments “Why aren’t we a real family?”.

Meet the Artist: Cate Ross

“Bonnie, like all of us in our way, wants to belong to something bigger than herself.”

Meet The Artist: Scott Ecker

“It was a terrific script full of relatable family dynamics. … I hope that audiences will empathize with characters that they might not necessarily agree with or understand.”

Meet The Artist: Jeff Rondeau

“Theatre B has always done shows that make you think.  And this one teases you with funny before making you sit up straight and consider this family and how it does or doesn’t compare to your own. “

Call to Artists: Hamlet

Theatre B is seeking out theatrical designers and technicians for our production of Hamlet.

Meet Our Intern: Tyler Ronsberg

“On my first day, Theatre B Artistic Director Carrie Wintersteen told me that “Theatre B is an intentional family”. “That’s nice”, I thought and went about my assigned task. Little did I know that I would be welcomed into a tightly-knit community whenever I attended a build, meeting, or production.”

Meet The Artist: Jenni Lou Russi, Cry It Out

“When I design I hope that audiences don’t notice my work – but that my work fills in the story for them in ways that make the experience richer and with a deeper connection.”

Meet The Artist: Mitchel Rieth, Cry It Out

“One of my favorite parts of this show so far has been finding baby noises and editing them all to be unique so the babies don’t cry or fuss the same way twice.”

Meet The Artist: Crystal Cossette, Cry It Out

“The show is about parenthood and the shared challenges all new parents face. It also addresses class differences and how parents face different challenges based on their socioeconomic status.”