by George Orwell, adapted for the stage by Michael Gene Sullivan

October 12th – October 28, 2016
Sunday Matinees October 15 & 21
ASL October 14
Audio Description October 21

“Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” – from Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda

George Orwell’s classic novel comes to life on stage in this timely and fast-paced adaptation by Michael Gene Sullivan. Orwell envisioned a dystopian near-future where thought is a crime and the truth is constantly in flux. What would you be willing to risk to believe your own story?

I Will Not Go Gently

by Jennifer Childs

December 14th – December 30, 2017
Sunday Matinees December 17 & 24
No Performance Christmas Day 12/25
ASL December 16
Audio Description December 23

With hits like “Stubble” and “Jack in My Box,” 80’s rock legend Sierra Mist is ready for her comeback tour and so are her fans – or are they? Jennifer Childs’ clever one-woman show plays with our sense of nostalgia and shines a light on our quest for self-actualization and new beginnings.

Marjorie Prime

by Jordan Harrison

February 8th – February 24th, 2018
Sunday Matinees February 11th & 18th
ASL February 24
Audio Description February 23 

The year is 2062, and technology plays a role in caregiving and memory retention for the aging. Marjorie needs help remembering things, but her family stories are distorted by the limits of recollection and the vastness of grief. When lines between human and technological assistance become blurred, who holds the truth?

The Moors

by Jen Silverman

April 26th – May 12th, 2018
Sunday Matinees April 29th & May 6th
ASL April 28
Audio Description May 5

Set on a bleak and unforgiving landscape, this wildly theatrical dark comedy is full of mystery, humor, and surprise. Part Brontë sisters, part Twilight Zone, The Moors ensnares its bold and obsessive characters in an elaborate game to make their mark in the world.