You’re invited to auditions for The Cake, Theatre B’s first show of Season 2021-22.

JUNE 27 & 28 AT 7:00 PM

“Della makes cakes, not judgment calls – those she leaves to her husband, Tim. But when the girl she helped raise comes back home to North Carolina to get married, and the fiancé is actually a fiancée, Della’s life gets turned upside down. She can’t really make a cake for such a wedding, can she? For the first time in her life, Della has to think for herself.” – Concord Theatricals

Theatre B is back to in-person plays for Season 2021-22! We begin the upcoming season with The Cake by Bekah Brunstetter. The play, according to NYT, “tries to grapple with something quite complex for a comedy. The challenge, the play suggests, is to protect change by continuing to be engaged with those who oppose it, even if it sometimes means spackling cracks in the social contract with heaps of frosting. Because in a democracy, for better or worse, we are all married to one other.”

You’re invited to audition for this show. More information can be found on the GET INVOLVED page.

Theatre B’s mission is to ignite conversations that transform our community through intimate and courageous stories.

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Theatre B Co-Founder and Executive Director:

“Everything you do has the power to create its own ripple effect.”

Carrie Wintersteen recently presented a talk on the ripple effects of the arts at the virtual CreativeMornings Fargo. 

CreativeMornings provides an open environment where anyone from the general public can gather and be inspired by makers, designers, artists, business leaders, non-profits, for-profits, solopreneurs, and creative professionals. 

Watch the recording of Carrie’s presentation HERE!