“A great experience. Left me thinking all weekend!”

  Laurel, audience member of The Majority

Like many of B’s shows I kept digesting it over a few days.”

Things would strike me in a different way at different intellectual levels. It was powerful to watch and respond to something live and know that it was a shared experience. Thanks for elevating my thoughts and creating such a wonderful production.

  Rachel, audience member of The Majority

“I loved it. It’s topical (timeless!), engaging, and thought-provoking. 

I really liked the way it incorporated digital elements (the images, tweets, the camera following the actor etc.) – it all worked really smoothly and helped me follow the story. The actor was fantastic: being able to play different roles, speak with different accents, and display so many different emotions – it was amazing watching her. But the thing that made this show different from other theatre productions I’ve seen since the pandemic started was the fact that it was live. You can always pause or rewind a pre-recorded show, but watching The Majority live made it a much more powerful experience. It really didn’t matter I was watching it on my laptop because I knew that the actor was there, on stage, performing for me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch it in your theatre and I’m happy for you to use all or part of my feedback as a testimonial on your website or other media. All the best with your future productions!.

  Kasia, audience member of The Majority


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