Thanks so much for such a brilliant production – I couldn’t be happier. ~ Rob Drummond

What kind of person tries to sell their vote? That’s the question that leads Robbi down the rabbit hole when Brexit doesn’t turn out at all as she expected. Why do some people vote and others don’t? How can a referendum be such a surprise? How do you continue to get along with your neighbors when half of them must be wrong?

The Majority by Rob Drummond is a smart and funny reflection on the imperatives and imperfections of democracy. The principles sound great, but they’re so messy in practice! What does it mean to be an informed and involved electorate? Why is the process so divisive? Which side is right? This one-person show doesn’t choose sides. In fact, audience members don’t just make up their own minds, they directly impact the story by practicing their civic duty – they vote!



Experience A Christmas Carol unlike any other—past, present or future. The timeless tale of Ebenezer Scrooge comes to thrilling new life as Tony Award® winner Jefferson Mays (I Am My Own Wife, Gentleman’s Guide…) plays over 50 roles in a virtuosic, master class of a performance that must be seen to be believed. This theatrical achievement comes from the haunting vision of one of Broadway’s most imaginative directors, Michael Arden (Tony-winning Best Revival – Once on this Island).

Staged exclusively for this production and captured live with breathtaking clarity, this must-watch streaming event conjures the powerful spirits of Christmas and brings all the magic of live theatre home for the holidays. Jefferson Mays said, “A Christmas Carol was my first experience of living theater. My mother and father would read it out loud every year. My father would tell the story with clarity and humanity, while my mother, eyes ablaze, would transform into the characters, from the tortured Jacob Marley, to little Fan and the entire Cratchit family. Both, in their ways, created magic. And now here we are, aspiring to bring this magic to people across the country during this challenging time.”



A curse falls over a mythical town. Villagers are plagued by the Harbinger of Hate. Neighbors are rude, lovers self-centered. What can save them? Will the valentines spilled by Cupid be delivered to the right people? Can the curse be lifted in time? And what does tabletop gaming have to do with theatre?

The Quest for Love, created by Jacob Hartje and developed by ensemble artists, is Theatre B’s own take on role-playing games. You’ve heard of games such as D&D. But what connection does that have to stage plays? Theatre B artists who are big fans of role-playing games and playing roles (pun intended!) are creating a unique take on this popular pastime just in time for Valentine’s Day!








MAY 14 & 15, 2021


MAY 14 & 15 AT 8 PM


The Theatre B ensemble is planning another unique offering in the B At Home series – Long Form Improv! Ensemble artists and veteran improvisers Tim Larson and Jacob Hartje will treat audiences to two nights of original improv. With Tucker Lucas serving as creative producer, the show is sure to entertain, wherever you watch – in-person or online.

Fans of improv will recognize Tim and Jake from their many roles on the Theatre B stage (1984, Hamlet, The Last Schwartz, etc.) as well as their performance in the local troupes such as Deep Dish Improv.

TIM AND JACOB ARE FRIENDS: SCRIPTLESS is currently slated to live stream in on May 14 and 15th at 8 PM with limited in-person tickets. More information coming soon!